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Palm Reef
The success of a venture is always factored by the caliber of the individuals and their ability to work effectively together.  The Mirenda team is a tight-knit group that has worked successfully together for years.

Dynamics are different in such groups – best practices become standards; common experiences unite and strengthen the team; one develops an efficient short hand for communicating with each other.

In the completion of so many projects, our professionals have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with other professionals and trades on-site.  We regularly clarify design requirements, re-work sections to accommodate architectural changes and resolve the typical issues that arise in the last inches of the construction phase. 

Our team is made up of senior practitioners, designers, CAD specialists and support staff.

Each member of our team is a career professional – committed to excellence in their discipline through on-going professional development, both academic and field work.  Each brings a commitment to professional integrity and a passion for delivery.

Robert Severini, P.Eng is the founding principal in Mirenda. With 20 years experience consulting on and designing fire protection solutions, Robert has accumulated a long list of successful projects.


As we all know, the successful construction of a building from concept to completion requires the involvement of a variety of professionals. Mirenda is accustomed to working seamlessly, under the direction of the client, with other team players.

References from clients, trades, vendors and alliances speak to the capability of Mirenda’s professionals to stay focused on the end game – to work effectively together to:

  • create appropriate designs
  • recommend optimal products
  • expedite construction

References are available upon request.