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Mirenda International Inc. Ltd
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ACE Insurance
Mirenda International Inc. Ltd. is a local Bermuda engineering firm specializing in fire protection solutions ~ from systems design and commissioning to building code consulting and product sales.

We are engaged by building owners, architects, consultants, contractors and developers for both new construction and retrofits in various project stages from:

  • tendering
  • pricing
  • designing / stocklisting
  • commissioning
  • installing

Mirenda is qualified to provide full fire protection building code consulting and engineering design services in accordance with all of the requirements of the Island’s building codes.

Through our principal, Robert A. Severini, P.Eng, we have worked on many Bermudian buildings from landmarks like Butterfield Bank, ACE Insurance Global Headquarters, Belmont Hills Golf Club and King Edward Memorial Hospital to municipal and industrial projects for the Bermuda Government, Bermuda Electric Light Company and Bermuda Telephone Company. Projects have ranged from straightforward fire protection designs for new buildings and retrofits, to innovative product solutions design installation and special hazard suppression systems such as commissioning of FM200 systems.

We provide design services on a full range of fire protection systems including:

  • automatic sprinkler/standpipe systems, including wet/pre-action/deluge and dry/foam
  • gas suppression (C02, FM200, Novec 1230, Inergen® systems)

Our designs are rendered in the latest AutoCAD software complete with hydraulic calculations and stocklisting.

We regularly work with installers (either the client's own or we retain qualified installers) to ensure that installations comply with shopcut submittals and will pass building inspection. We often supply fire suppression products which we test and commission.

Our work is well known on the island (see Proven Track Record) and we are happy to provide references as needed. We have good relations with local authorities have jurisdiction and have been engaged on occasion to share specialized fire protection knowledge.

It is our pleasure and privilege to serve the very unique needs of Bermuda’s buildings and to preserve the architectural vision that shapes Bermudian heritage.